“THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE” publishes article by Kofi, president of Africa Youth Peace Call

THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, the venerated long-running magazine published by well-known O.G. libertarian sci-fi and non-fiction writer L. Neil Smith, has published Kofi’s article, “Telecom: From Monopoly to Portability”, HERE.

From Wikipedia:

The Libertarian Enterprise is an online publication begun in October 1995. It is published by L. Neil Smith.

Currently it comes out every Sunday with a new issue. It has been edited by Ken Holder for the past few years.

Articles, essays, and letters are almost exclusively prose and non-fiction, though some poetry and some fiction have appeared in the zine.

Authors whose essays appear in The Libertarian Enterprise include L. Neil Smith, Aaron Zelman, Claire Wolfe, Jason Sorens, Victor Milan, Anders Monsen, and Vin Suprynowicz.

One of the historically significant articles which have appeared in The Libertarian Enterprise is the announcement in July 2001 of the Free State Project. Written by Jason Sorens, this essay was the initial launch point for the Free State Project and related efforts such as Free State Wyoming.[

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