Care package for Africa Youth Peace Call

Finally got everything together today to ship to Ghana to AYPC. Everything is in the photos below except the camera that Michael Robinson donated, that was used to TAKE these photos. We also want to thank Donald Watson for the two Palm Pilots to send.

Total weight of everything is 30 pounds.
(Click on photos to see larger photo):

Below are DVDs of all my movies, a book on editing video, copy of all Freedom Feens episodes, a DVD burner, one of the Palm Pilots, copy of the US Constitution, signed copy of the YouTube book I co-wrote with Alan Lastufka, assorted cables, and a light-up LED hat (personal gift for Kofi):

Video camera and accessories, US power adapter, camera case:

Many many video, audio, power and internet cables; USB thumb drive, SD card, the other Palm Pilot, and accessories:

Still life I took of my work area with the donated camera  (I’m not shipping the stuff in this photo, I just like the photo):

Still life I took with the donated camera of our kitty, Fuzzbucket McFluffernutter (we will not be sending Fuzzy to Africa either, I just like this picture):

All these tools will help AYPC a lot to work on their libertarian educational mission in Ghana. AYPC could also use a faster laptop, for video editing. The one they have now was generously donated a while back, but is now out of date, and not fast enough to easily edit video. And a few kind souls have made cash donations this week. But AYPC could use more help, especially cash donations (which are tax-deductible).

Thank you!

Michael W. Dean


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