Africa Youth Peace Call needs a voltage converter


I’m sending a box to AYPC with some books, cables, drives, and a video camera. The camera is USA voltage and will not run in Ghana without a converter and transformer. If anyone would like to chip in to buy one, and help out with payment for shipping this heavy box of liberty tools to Ghana, please contact me here and we’ll work it out. The voltage converter and plug adapters are not terribly expensive items, I just can’t cover that plus¬† shipping right now with the other donations (including cash) I’ve done this week to AYPC, and want to get the box to Ghana as soon as possible.

If AYPC had these devices, they could also power future equipment donations from the US to help AYPC’s mission of spreading liberty in Africa.

We’re also looking to buy some audio recording gear for AYPC to set up a tiny recording studio to create media about free-markets, and train locals in media production.

They could also use a laptop if anyone’s updating. The one they have is pretty underpowered for video production.

Thank you!

Michael W. Dean, Casper, Wyoming

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