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Welcome to the home of Africa Youth Peace Call (AYPC). AYPC is an independent, non-profit, research and educational organisation devoted to the principles of individual liberty, secure private property rights, free markets, the rule of law, limited government, and government non-interference in the economy.

We are dedicated to the study and advancement of classical liberalism (libertarianism) in Africa. We try to change peoples’ ideas, opinions, and mode of thinking by research, seminars and publications. AYPC wants to become the leading libertarian organisation in freedom education of young people in Africa.

Fifty years of independence and Africa is mired in abject poverty, diseases, armed conflicts and anarchy. The dream of becoming economically independent after attaining political independence from an alien state remains a utopia-in-vain. The statist and centrally planned economies that replaced colonialism have failed miserably, merely enriching log-rolling politicians and their cronies. Africa is caught in a barbed web of government regulations and punishing tariffs and taxes that make doing business expensive and herculean.

The rule of law has gone to the devil. What we witness in Africa is the will of rulers. We live at the mercy of those in authority and their bureaucrats. Bloated governments bereft of ideas squander state resources as their subjects live in grinding poverty and cannot even afford three square meals a day.

In their bid to distribute the so-called national cake, governments have distributed wealth to their cronies, interest groups, political allies and kinsmen or tribesmen, creating upheavals leading to intractable conflicts across the continent. Moreover, secure private property rights barely exist. Therefore, Africa receives a pittance of the world’s foreign direct investment, with most Africans investing outside the continent.

Certainly, Africa must pursue an alternative path that will lead to economic prosperity and peace. Africa needs libertarian principles to escape the vicious circle of poverty, and this is our motivation at AYPC.

-Afrikanus Kofi Akosah,
Owner of Africa Youth Peace Call